A little about Karma…

I wear many hats from day to day and some days I wear a plethora of them, yes, even sometimes several at once. I’ll touch on just a few and then let you explore and get to know me.

First and foremost, I am a wife and mother. I take great pride in being the gears that constantly move my family forward and keep everything running smoothly so that we are always striving to grow and reach our life goals.

In addition to this I am an educator. I firmly believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and I feel that this is a concept lost in the ever changing fast paced society we live in. I homeschool my three children and continue to educate myself. If a person stops learning they die, both figuratively, and literally.

I am a life coach. I have an uncanny ability to help people see themselves through a different lens. The scope of ones self awareness usually stops at their nose because we live in a society that has become very offended, and by seemingly everything. I have obtained the skills throughout my life through extensive education and life experience, both my own, and through helping others, to teach others the skills necessary to heal, grow and open their eyes to potential in themselves they never realized previously.

I am a mediator. I believe that there is a solution for everything. I have the gift of being able to find those solutions.